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Experienced, Personalized IT Consulting Services

Experienced, Personalized IT Consulting ServicesExperienced, Personalized IT Consulting ServicesExperienced, Personalized IT Consulting Services

Are You Protected From Data Loss


Recovering Your Data

Snapshots are the most efficient way to protect data and systems. In a computer system, a Storage Snapshot gives the state of the system at any particular point in time, using this process compared to a traditional backup minimizes the data traffic and loads required to re-create systems in the event of a disaster. At NuAlta, we will evaluate your current Disaster Recovery Policies and Plans and will provide your company with a recommended solution. We will address all of your concerns and create an Industry Standard Level of Protection for your information technology environment.

Virtual Image Spin-Up

Using Platform as a Service (PaaS) and your storage snapshots will allow NuAlta’s technical staff to recreate your lost data. This platform will allow us to run/manage all your applications without the complexity of rebuilding infrastructure, the typical process of rebuilding environments after a major data loss. Particular areas of concern include Servers-Storage Devices and Operation Systems (OS).

Appliance/Cloud Hybrid Solutions

Your journey begins with NuAlta reviewing your business strategy and evaluating how to best leverage policies and systems that your company already has in place. We will create a solution that enables your company to move seamlessly between collocations, private clouds and public clouds. We support your custom solution as your performance, security and business needs evolve. NuAlta will provide the following action items to secure your Information Technology Environment.

* Secure Frameworks, best practice physical and network controls.

* Flexible Deployment, gain agility, scale seamlessly, and control cost.

* Highly Connected, high-performance connectivity and network options.

* Expert Service, 24/7 U.S based availability 

Minimize Vital System Downtime

In a combined effort with your company, NuAlta will guide you through implementing the correct equipment, software and systems to create an atmosphere that will significantly reduce any downtime your company may experience. NuAlta will assist you in implementing the following action items for system downtime reduction:

* Increase and improve communication with employees.

* Hold regular Employee Evaluations for time tables and project completion dates.

* Conduct regular application updates, certification authentications and warranty updates on all related equipment.

* Conduct End of Life evaluation and audit of software and hardware. These policy and procedures are needed to reduce the risk of a major Information Technology Environment disaster in your work facility.

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