NuAlta Technologies will focus on fighting COVID-19 and preventing its spread

Experienced, Personalized IT Consulting Services

Experienced, Personalized IT Consulting ServicesExperienced, Personalized IT Consulting ServicesExperienced, Personalized IT Consulting Services



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Identifying individuals who have been in contact with suspected/infected COVID-19 patients and ensuring that they do not interact with others is critical in protecting communities from further virus spread. NuAlta Technologies provides the necessary Contact Tracing Services to cities and townships regardless of their size. We interview confirmed COVID-19 patients to identify those people the individual has come in contact with before and after known exposure. If communities are unable to effectively isolate patients and ensure contacts can separate themselves from others, rapid community spread of COVID-19 is likely to increase and again lead to strict mitigation strategies in order to contain the virus.

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Our Story


NuAlta is an established IT consulting company that partners with you to develop a portfolio of IT projects that support your business as it evolves and extends your reach into the market place. Through seasoned project management processes we help you achieve greater efficiencies by utilizing well-defined methodologies implemented by competent, experienced, certified and trustworthy professionals. 

Having nearly 30 years of experience, NuAlta offers custom application and analytics development specific to your technology needs. Our core capabilities include, technical expertise in building applications and databases and providing advanced business analytics. We offer intelligence analysis software that will revolutionize how your business collects and analyzes large volumes of data; our innovations continually inform insights that can be used to grow your business.

Our Vision

Is to be a world-class organization that contributes to the long-term success of our customers, employees and community through creativity, innovation and technology. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to our customers, meeting and exceeding expectations and cultivating financial and organizational growth.



NuAlta Technology, LLC, is a subsidiary of Gonzales Consulting Services, Inc. (GCS), founded in 1990. GCS has been providing IT Consulting Services, Administrative Services, and Emergency Communications Services as a core business for nearly 30 years to Federal and State Government Agencies. We are committed to and have delivered timely, cost-effective and high quality services that demonstrate:

  • Java-based frameworks 
  • Open-source technologies
  • Cloud-based development
  • End-to-end integration
  • Networks and systems security
  • Database and warehouse technology
  • On-site Technical Staffing
  • Remote Project Management
  • Complete On-site Technical Assessment 
  • Effective recruiting
  • Active retention programs
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Strong corporate responsiveness
  • Rigorous business processes


Our Approach


NuAlta services include comprehensive consulting that identifies gaps in your current systems and opportunities for improvement. Our comprehensive report includes a project plan, timelines, milestones, cost analysis, and a schedule of deliverables. Our comprehensive suite of services includes providing qualified onsite technical personnel that will assist in making your IT Project transition smooth. Our high level technical personnel have multiple years of experience and skills that encompass all of the various IT products and services we support.


Why Us?


Our Mission: Assist our clients in creating a high level business performance office environment. Partnering with them to set a standard of excellence while achieving the highest levels of success.

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